Indoor option –A tree with positive energy💚

Ficus Retusa

It is a member of fig family and one of best choice for indoor plantation. This is one of popular type of bonsai. Due to its many characteristics, its perfect choice for beginners very easy to maintain and homes With less sun light and air.

It’s glossy green leaves build a beautiful canopy once the tree will be full-time mature. and it has wonderful aerial like root system which is my favorite.

  • Native Areas : East Indies, Malesia
  • Scientific Name : Ficus Retusa
  • Family : Moraceae (Mulberry)
  • Type : Indoor
  • Height : 16 to 33 ft
  • Diameter : 3.3 ft
  • Soil ,: well drained
  • Growth Rate : very fast
  • Care : very easy
  • Watering : very moderate
  • Exposure : no direct sun light
  • leaves characteristics : 10 cm long and spirally arrangements.
  • Color : Dark Green
  • Best season : Summer and Spring
  • Known names : Banyan Fig or Taiwan Ficus

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