Blue Succulent – Agave Tequilana

I can’t believe Blue Agave is used to make tequila ……. 😀

I considered It was like for serving the purpose of landscaping and hedging….

Well ,I never heard and saw this succulent plant ever , this was first time when I saw this plant while on my short trip to nearby countryside location , I was taking the pictures I assumed as a normal succulent plant like other’s. it was so capitatvive because of its giant structure.

It’s more like a huge plant that can reach up to 2 meter height with its spiky succulent. It’s leaves which are green in color covers huge area of ground. The overall appearance was rough, hard and thorny.

Summary :
Blue agave is native of Mexico which is commercially cultivated as the main ingredient for tequila. This is fast growing and evergreen succulent plant. Unlike other plants , Agave got a good reputation and tremendous quality that cannot be beaten.

Basic points:
Scientific Name : Agave
Tequilana F.A.C Weber
Family : Asparagaceae
Origin : Native to Mexico
Light: full sun
Soil conditions : well drained soil, loamy, sandy and rocky
Propagation : seeds
Common Names : Tequilana Agave, Blue Agave,
Weber’s Blue Agave

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