“Peacock flower – Magical Flower”

The beautiful flower whose origin is unknown, is famous for its wide cultivation through out the world. This is one of exotic, evergreen bush with so many attractive colors combination of flowers that can be seen in tropical and subtropical regions.
As this plant features for landscaping purpose to add more warmth in the nature. Its lush green leaves and regular layout that typically spread after attaining height of 3 meters
If peacock flower is planted in full sunshine location, the awesomeness can be seen throughout the year. During blooming time the yellow orange – flowers are more appealing that has uniquely shaped, beside of, it’s stamens are holding itself well behind beautiful petals.

Key points :
Scientific Name : Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Family : Fabaceae
Native country : Tropics and subtropics of America
Height : 3 to 6 meters
Width : 2 to 4 meters
Special climate: full sun to light shade
Watering capacity : moderate
Soil conditions : moderately salty conditions and well drained.
Flowers characteristics :
Blooming time : late summers
Flower colors : combination of red or orange and red or yellow
Flower clusters length : 20 to 25 cm
Petals length : 10cm long
Propagation : through seeds
Common names :peacock flower, Barbados flower fence, flower fence, red bird of paradise, paradise flowers, flamboyant tree, Gold Mohur, Dwarf Poinciana, Jambul Merak, Mexican bird of Paradise, Flos pavonis

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