Childhood selection…. Marigolds❤️

If you are a flower lover, you can easily guess this flower….if not I’ll try to bring some of memorable moments that hopefully attached to everyone’s childhood…
Those were the times in my childhoods, I used to smell French Marigold every time whenever my eyes got it….even there wasn’t fragrance…😛
Not even this, I still remembered whenever there were festivals at home like Diwali, Dusshera and others , grandparents used to make big garlands for the decorations.
I am sure, now you can recognize the flower easily….
Let’s know little about French Marigold
It is one of most popular flower commonly known as French Marigold derived from Tagetes Patula. Easily grown, summer blossom, multiple shades, aromatic flowers and leather touch are key features of Tagetes Patula.
It is kind of a compact shrub that can be easily seen in every home. It is annual plant that typically grow 6 to 12 inch long and features as single, double or semi -double flowers. Flowers are 1 to 2 inch in diameter (rounded shaped) and hold strong fragrances. The dark green leaves are dense, ferny and even more scented.
Marigold’s appreciate full sunlight, well drained soil and sometimes preferred to take moist as well. Flowers love to bloom during the winter times under the presence of full sun.

Key points :
• Scientific Name : Tagetes Patula
• Family : Asteraceae
• Native areas : Mexico, Guatemala
• Plant type : annual
• Height : 0.50 to 1.00 feet
• Width :0.50 to 0.75 feet
• Sunlight : Full sun and partial sunlight
• Blooming season : fall, spring and summer
• Blooming colors : yellow, orange, red, brown and burgundy.
• Water requirements : medium
• Maintenance : low
• Soil conditions : clay, loam and sandy
• Soil drainage : well drained and dry
• Flower type : attractive and fine texture
• Main attraction : Butterflies
• Propagation : by seeds
• Common name– French Marigold

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