Natal plum : Full of vitamins and Taste

A big Num – Num or Carissa is known for its delicious taste because of its Fruit. The fruit has some sour- sweet kind of taste. People love to eat the Carissa fruit as it has many health benefits associated with it.
It is low in cholesterol, sodium free, low in fats and contains almost all the rich vitamins to boost a good health. The vitamins like B1, B2, C and A , and along with other elements such as Ca, K, Mg, Cu, Na, P are present in its fruit which is of course help to lead a good health.
About it’s Taste
Many people compare its taste with strawberries, cranberries, cherries and grapes as well. Basically it depends on the individual taste buds.
Carissa fruit can be consumed directly from the plant or some people’s love to eat in cooked form to make delicious jellies, sauces, pies and jams.
Plant Profile:
If you will see the plant, you found it as hardy, evergreen and thorny shrub that thrives in both tropical and subtropical regions.
In most of the regions it can be grown as a good landscape or hedge to create vibrant atmosphere provided with good drainage soil and in rocky and Sandy soil. The plant can survive in wet soil as well but in case if there will be an excessive wetness in the soil , the growth and production of fruits will be lower.

Key points :
• Scientific Name : Carissa macrocarpa
• Family : dogbane
• Native area : South Africa
• Height : upto7 feet
• Width : upto 10 feet
• Sunlight : Full sun
• Blooming season : summer
• Flowers: White, star shaped, full in fragrance
• Leaves- green and glossy, ovate shaped and usually 1 to 3 Inch long.
• Poison : except red fruits, entire plant is poisonous.
• Common names : Natal plum, Num Num, Carissa

Carissa plum in my garden


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