A Giant Milkweed

I have explored this shrub in the jungle. This is really tall and fascinating shrub that is enough strong to hold itself upright straight. It’s lavender flowers are very inviting which exactly looks like a star. Each branch of giant milkweed joint through its large leaf which gives a strong support to hold the new growth of petals.
This shrub can be a perfect option for adventures, gardener who always tend to bring something different and special to their houses or gardens, this is the one of the good options ,
It was wondering moment when I saw so many butterflies were roaming around its magnificent flowers as they have considered this plant as a host plant for monarch caterpillar. This is very natural and impressive plant which gives great texture to surrounded space in the jungle.
There are many features associated with giant Milkweed such as:
-It can bloom through the year.
-due to its big and thick size of leaves will be giving more space to sustain monarch caterpillar.it can grow easily irrespective of a special care.
-Can sustain in poor soil conditions as well.

Key points:
• Scientific Name : calotropis gigantea
• Family : apocynaceae
• Native area : tropical Africa, India, China, Pakistan, Nepal
• Plant type : shrub
• Height : upto 13feet
• Sunlight : Full sun
• Blooming season : through out the year
• Flowers: red and star shaped
• Leaves- green and glossy, heart shaped
• Foliage: evergreen and succulent
• Foliage color: Medium green
• Water needs: average watering
• Soil needs: well drained soil, dry
• Common names : giant milkweed, swallow- wort, giant calotrope, crown flower

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